4 Reasons We Buy Quality Affordable Watches from Dealers

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First thing to remember when buying wrist watch from dealers is the need to buy a good quality watch at the right price. So what is your purpose for searching for a good wrist watch? Or better still, why are you interested in finding quality affordable watches?

One good thing today is that we now have a lot of wrist watch dealers to choose from. In fact, almost all of them have both online store and offline store where you can buy your watch from. In other words, you can now buy from the comfort of your home, office, on-the-go with your mobile phone or visit their brick and mortar store.

The following are 4 reasons we buy quality affordable watches from dealers:

  1. Buy for self.
  2. Buy as a gift.
  3. Wholesalers.
  4. Retailers – Affiliate or Drop-shipping.

Without taking too much of your time, let us look at each of the reasons why people buy wrist watches from dealers.


  1. Buy for Self

As a fashion accessory, you will agree with me that wrist watch worn by individuals sometimes speak a lot about who that individual is. Yes, this is true in most cases. Therefore, majority of us look for various deals when it comes to shopping for wrist watches; in the light of this, our best bet is to shop from any of the recognized original wrist watch seller in the country.


  1. Buy as a Gift

Similarly, more than half of people that buy wrist watches buy them as a gift for loved ones. Watches mean different things to different people. For this reason, I will quickly dive into reasons why wrist watches are good gift; for both men and women.

To a man presenting the watch gift to a woman, it means:

I appreciate every single second spent with you.

My time is precious to me and I am to devote that time to the lady.

I declare to you that we are together every single second of the day.

For a woman presenting the watch gift to a man, it means:

Expression of wonderful time spent together.

“Your time is my time” and “My time is your time”.

I treasure every single second of our time together.

Therefore, if you think deeply about the three most precious gift you,ve ever given to a loved one, probability that a watch is one of them is high.


  1. Wholesalers

While more than half of wristwatch buyers buy to use (for themselves), many others buy to resell. In addition, selling as a wholesaler is a profitable business. In fact, selling wristwatches as a wholesaler is listed to be one of the most profitable businesses in Nigeria. Even though, the percentage of customers that buy wrist watches from watch dealers in Nigeria is not high; uniquely, they constitute an important part of the watch distribution chain.


  1. Retailers – Affiliate or Drop-Shipping

By the same token, affiliates and drop-shippers are important customers to wrist watch dealers. These two sets of customers usually sell dealers’ products to the end users. As a matter of fact, they are an important part of the supply chain for most of the dealers.

In summary, each and every customer group mentioned above are important to Nigeria wrist watch dealers; therefore, they deserve to receive value for money (either directly or indirectly).