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4 Reasons We Buy Quality Affordable Watches from Dealers

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First thing to remember when buying wrist watch from dealers is the need to buy a good quality watch at the right price. So what is your purpose for searching for a good wrist watch? Or better still, why are you interested in finding quality affordable watches?

One good thing today is that we now have a lot of wrist watch dealers to choose from. In fact, almost all of them have both online store and offline store where you can buy your watch from. In other words, you can now buy from the comfort of your home, office, on-the-go with your mobile phone or visit their brick and mortar store.

The following are 4 reasons we buy quality affordable watches from dealers:

  1. Buy for self.
  2. Buy as a gift.
  3. Wholesalers.
  4. Retailers – Affiliate or Drop-shipping.

Without taking too much of your time, let us look at each of the reasons why people buy wrist watches from dealers.


  1. Buy for Self

As a fashion accessory, you will agree with me that wrist watch worn by individuals sometimes speak a lot about who that individual is. Yes, this is true in most cases. Therefore, majority of us look for various deals when it comes to shopping for wrist watches; in the light of this, our best bet is to shop from any of the recognized original wrist watch seller in the country.


  1. Buy as a Gift

Similarly, more than half of people that buy wrist watches buy them as a gift for loved ones. Watches mean different things to different people. For this reason, I will quickly dive into reasons why wrist watches are good gift; for both men and women.

To a man presenting the watch gift to a woman, it means:

I appreciate every single second spent with you.

My time is precious to me and I am to devote that time to the lady.

I declare to you that we are together every single second of the day.

For a woman presenting the watch gift to a man, it means:

Expression of wonderful time spent together.

“Your time is my time” and “My time is your time”.

I treasure every single second of our time together.

Therefore, if you think deeply about the three most precious gift you,ve ever given to a loved one, probability that a watch is one of them is high.


  1. Wholesalers

While more than half of wristwatch buyers buy to use (for themselves), many others buy to resell. In addition, selling as a wholesaler is a profitable business. In fact, selling wristwatches as a wholesaler is listed to be one of the most profitable businesses in Nigeria. Even though, the percentage of customers that buy wrist watches from watch dealers in Nigeria is not high; uniquely, they constitute an important part of the watch distribution chain.


  1. Retailers – Affiliate or Drop-Shipping

By the same token, affiliates and drop-shippers are important customers to wrist watch dealers. These two sets of customers usually sell dealers’ products to the end users. As a matter of fact, they are an important part of the supply chain for most of the dealers.

In summary, each and every customer group mentioned above are important to Nigeria wrist watch dealers; therefore, they deserve to receive value for money (either directly or indirectly).

Introducing Shark Sport Watch

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Back in 1997, SHARK’s founders, a team of young sport and fashion lovers, came up with the idea of creating an accessory aimed entirely at the younger man. They decided upon the name SHARK for the watches because sharks in the sea never stop swimming: if they did, they would sink. We thought this typified the vitality of younger men and their approach to fashion – they are powerful and always keen to try new ideas.


It took several years – until 2010 – before SHARK gained its’ present stellar reputation in the market, but our design team kept moving, with unswerving faith that men DO need more than one watch and that they are keen to wear different accessories to suit different occasions. A watch is not just for telling the time: it should make a statement about the man that you are. SHARK designs great watches that catch the eye and lead the way in men’s fashion accessories.

SHARK gives the younger man another choice, with many different designs for the man who has previously only had one watch to wear for every occasion. Now men can take advantage of different watches that stand out, rather than the same old styles of years gone by. The 21st century has brought CHANGE and in CHANGING TIMES men have CHANGING AMBITIONS and they want CHANGING FASHION. We like to say that SHARK is CHANGING FASHION WITH TIME.

SHARK gives you a brand new experience of accessories, with new styles always being designed. We encourage ideas and feedback from SHARK customers about their wearing experience, which helps us to innovate and design ever greater watches.


From the earliest days, SHARK has always listened to the market. When recognized as a major brand in 2010, SHARK focused on creating branded designs and product designs, and registered several designs at that time.

Even before 2010, SHARK’s attention to detail began to be recognized, as things such as the packaging were re-designed every year using ever better materials helping to build the branded appearance. Many exceptional designs were created during these years, gaining widespread market appreciation, and customers began to show their new accessories to friends and family and to give us their opinions and ideas about new design possibilities.

Numerous customers began to comment on our Facebook page, giving us lots of “likes” and displaying their SHARK watches for others to see. Our reputation grew and spread, until today we have thousands of friends on Facebook, and the SHARK name is both respected and loved all over the internet.


Many of our customers now have a whole collection of SHARK watches and we are delighted when they post a picture on Facebook and say “Hi guys! This is the SHARK I’m wearing today!” SHARK gives men an extensive choice of designs to suit a wide variety of occasions and moods, and we are proud to be known as the watch designer that makes a difference.



The brand color of SHARK watches is red, and was chosen carefully. Red is associated with vitality, power, strength, energy, passion, desire and love, and at SHARK we see it as the color of young men who are bold and energetic. We also use a shield in our logo. In days gone by, soldiers carried shields, and we view the shield as representing men who are tough. With the elements of red, the shark, and the shield in the logo, SHARK creates an image of a young man who is courageous, strong, and vigorous.


In the design of SHARK watches, red and black feature strongly, as red, of course, is our brand color, and black makes a great foil for it.

Back in 2010, when SHARK became widely accepted as a young man’s fashion icon, the company focused on creating branded designs and product designs, and during that time produced several registered designs, one of which being second hand design. At SHARK, our skilled designers and product managers take extreme care to ensure that every watch makes a high fashion statement. Each time we launch a new model, we want to make an impact on our customers, especially with the SHARK Fashion Series.

Original design and continuous improvement are the hallmark of SHARK watches. Even the packaging is subject to great attention to each fine detail, which has resulted in a box that is of high caliber and reflects the SHARK brand.

SHARK watches are divided into four collections which include SHARK Fashion, Racing SHARK, Duo SHARK, and, of course, our Limited Edition series.


The movement is, as you would expect, the core of SHARK watches, and the theoretical design of each movement is brought to life in the form of the first prototypes. The specialists in our laboratory manually assemble all the various parts in order to check each parameter step by step, paying attention to every last detail.

At Shark, new products must withstand two prototype stages in order to ensure that not even the tiniest detail is overlooked. This includes not just the movement, but all of the other components such as the hands, the case, and so on. The completed watches are also subject to a whole range of tests in the development phase.

The technology used in SHARK watches undergoes a huge variety of different tests under the eyes of our watchful team of experts which take place over a period of several months. The watches are checked for resistance to physical impact, thermal variations, and rate regularity, and endure tests simulating several years of wear. All of the functions in SHARK watches are subjected to stresses far in excess of anything likely to occur during normal use.


The manufacturing process of SHARK watches begins in the workshop where the main components of the movement are designed and created. After rough machining, every part undergoes processing. Small parts are bored or ground down and then polished in order to prepare surfaces for the finishing operations, which enable very precise adjustments to be made.

The watchmakers and skilled engineers in the R&D department oversee the whole process from the design stage to the final production of dozens of different tiny pieces. Some of the parts are microscopic and the challenge is one of scale. Some 200 – 300 minute parts have to be assembled into a very small space with a diameter of only a couple of centimeters. The pieces have thousands of interactions, yet must work perfectly with each other in order to ensure the durability of the watch.

Each part of the movement undergoes a decorating or finishing operation, even if the surface will be covered by other components and never seen. This applies to everything, especially the bridges and other main parts, and requires a goldsmith of long experience and expertise.

These classic finishes are an essential part of the process in order to ensure that all the many moving pieces work together in perfect harmony. The sharp edges of every metal part of the movement are beveled: the tiny edges are first softened and then polished by hand in several stages in order to produce a finish which is nothing short of magnificent.

Every single small piece is inspected at every stage of the work. As they are moved from one workshop to the next, the parts are checked at the moment they come into a workshop, and checked before they leave it again in order to go on to the next stage of manufacture. Indeed, each workshop has its own checking equipment and the SHARK Quality Control Department is in overall charge of the whole of the manufacturing process.

Not only is each component checked at every stage, but in order to ensure that a SHARK watch not only meets, but exceeds, the company’s quality criteria, each one is given a final check before it can be packaged and dispatched to a customer.